Finding a place to call home

The Utrecht Region is a very popular destination for international students, however, finding affordable student housing can be a real challenge. In the Netherlands, students usually do not live on campus but in student accommodation (which is typically mixed-gender). Nearly all residents have their own room, while they generally share kitchen and sanitary facilities. There are many options for arranging the type of accommodation that suits you best, but do make sure you start looking for a room as soon as your study programme is confirmed. If you are in an exchange programme or on an international course, a room may be arranged for you.

Always consider the basics, for example, if you stay in the Netherlands for a continuous period of four months or longer, you must register with the local municipality (gemeente). Those staying for less than four months need to apply for a short stay permit. Be sure to check whether your university can arrange accommodation for you. They may have arrangements with specific student housing organisations. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to make use of the accommodation reserved for you and availability is not guaranteed. Since places are limited and only available for the first year, it is still a good idea to explore the other available options.


Housing in the Utrecht Region